Lime Rock Park: Where New Media Meets Old School Racing

In the course of researching the sports car industry for the Sports Car Junkies Business Podcast I sign up for and receive a lot of informational (junk) email. Some of it really is junk. But almost every day I find a nugget or two of new information that I can use.

Atop the sea of mostly redundant offers and updates filling my inbox I occasionally find something from Lime Rock Park‘s marketing machine. Racing fans will know the name as one of the oldest and most famous motorsport parks in the United States. Since its inception in the 1950′s Lime Rock Park has hosted events featuring virtually all the big names in racing. Names like Andretti, Moss, Gurney, Posey, Rodriguez, Hobbs, Hill, Donohue, Ward and Fitch. In the racing business this place is known both for its long, respected history and for its dynamic growth in recent years.

The track was re-paved in 2008. Owner Skip Barber, a legend in his own right, insisted that the surface geometries designed into the facility when it hosted its first race in 1957 be accurately restored so that today’s drivers can experience the same track that challenged drivers nearly three generations ago.

I’m excited about the new driving opportunities at Lime Rock Park. I’m on top of upcoming events. But I’ve never been there.

In the past couple of weeks I have shared two of their videos and a press release with my circle of friends. Not that any of us have short term plans to drive up to Litchfield County, Connecticut any time soon for a classic car race or a charity auction.

It’s just that the promotional material is so darn good that you can’t help but want to share it. Adam Carolla drives the Lime Rock Park edition BMW M3? Gotta see that.

“the promotional material is so darn good that you can’t help but want to share it”

If you are prepared to lose an hour of productivity one afternoon, then go to youtube and do a search for Lime Rock Park. You’ll waste half the day watching narrated high-speed runs through the varied elevations and turns, then waste the second half of the day figuring out what its going to take to prep your daily driver Miata in time for you to participate in the next amateur event.

Even if you don’t care about cars and going fast, you owe it to yourself to see how one business went all-in for online marketing.

Take a look at one of their videos to see what I’m talking about:

Lime Rock Park Promotional Video

A visit to their website is just as likely to kill a good chunk of your day. If you dare, check out the videos that guests have uploaded and learn about the Drivers Club.

Kudos to the team at lime rock park for showing us what New Media Marketing is capable of.

Now, I wonder if Southwest flies into Lakeville.…