Before launching the Sports Car Junkies Business Podcast, Steve Vigus was looking for a new excuse to meet and visit with interesting drivers of sports cars of virtually any make or model. He had already convinced himself that it’s important for anyone in sales (read “anyone in business”) to be passionate about something. He was taught for years that, in business, conversation should always be about the customer. What are the customer’s interests? Passions? Pain points? He usually managed to add “What does the customer drive?” because cars are something he’s passionate about. Over time, his customers and co-workers figured that out. Some people like to talk about sports. Steve likes to talk about cars. So when it was time for him to launch the interview-based business podcast he had been wanting to publish, it made all the sense in the world that it be about sports cars.

If you are an automotive entrepreneur or if you have ever aspired to start your own business, you might enjoy listening to the stories shared by other business-minded sports car junkies. Steve seeks out people with personal stories about business success (and sometimes failure) to inform and inspire others to take the leap and start their own business. There is plenty of material here for those who already have a successful business and for sports car junkies who just want to hear other car nuts tells interesting stories.

If you like the show, please leave a comment or drop him a note at [email protected] You never know where the conversation will lead.